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Faculty Studio

UST has set up a recording studio in Robertson B116. You will have access to a high-end desktop pc, a Canon Rebel T7, a professional light setup, a green screen, and Cintiq tablet.

Visit the Faculty Studio booking page to reserve your session. You can also request training or additional assistance. We can provide support with video recording, and editing of videos.

a studio with four lights, a tripod and camera

Why video?

Videos and multimedia have become an integral part of any course, specially online synchronous and asynchronous courses.

In contrast to video conferencing, asynchronous videos are unbound by time and allow the students to watch, annotate, review, and think through the material multiple times.

You can use videos for the following:

  • Present questions for the class to discuss
  • Give Feedback on assignments
  • Conduct asynchronous review session for a quiz or exam.
  • Provide tutorials or screencast demonstrations of concepts.
  • And so much more.
a man in front of a camera lecturing


Yuja is our video management solution, you can use it for video management, lecture capture, archiving and for testing. We provide training and support for Yuja. We also upload and host

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