Mark Amelang

Dr. Amelang integrates the Catholic mission of honesty into sales. He maintains a consistent presence in his classes with the use of announcements and other forms of communication. He uses open educational resources (OERs) for students to have access to the textbook from day one.

Juan Cooper

Dr. Cooper consistently offers students a transformative learning experience for students seeking to become school counselors. She focuses on their outcomes and the importance of the whole child. Dr. Cooper's courses align, engage, and fully prepare her students for certification with a 100% passing rate.

Francesca Guerri

Dr. Guerri passion for history is displayed in the assignments she gives to her students. She is open to collaboration in the instructional design process to achieve transformative learning experiences for students. Her use of modern real-life scenarios in the assignment of curating an instagram page as they would for a museum or institution was an innovative way for students to combine class knowledge, audiovisual content, and multimedia skills.

Sr. Theresa Marie Nguyen

Sr. Theresa pursues her vocation for teaching and learning in her application of online learning principles in her online courses. She engages her students from start to finish with conversation and reflection. Her use of humor to break the ice and let students feel more comfortable in her presence and in that of other classmates has been integral for the students ability to reflect and think on what they've learned during her courses.

Mike Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan works with students in Nurse 4655: Transitions to Holistic Nursing. He builds a community of learning by making students feel confident in their skills, knowledge, and nursing as a Christian vocation.He supports sutdents throughout the course by giving them interview tips, making sure we are in a positive mental state, as they prepare for their licensure exams.

Sana Vawda

Dr. Vawda's online courses are comprehensive in guiding students throughout the learning process by ensuring they have adequate academic and supplemental support. She communicates effectively with students through her use of Blackboard Announcements and e-mails. She also provides an effortless organization and communication within her course for students to assist in their learning.

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