Web Design/Graphic Design


In technology or graphic design class, the student might be asked to use lorem ipsum and develop a functional website, pamphlet, poster, etc. In classes that are not specifically about web or graphic design, the student would need to produce a website or graphic design item about a topic or set of topics, to demonstrate their understanding and visualize the connection between each topic and how well they can convey information.

Appropriate Content Areas


Goals & Objectives

Identify how the activity aligns with student learning objectives (SLOs).

The goal or outcome in a graphic or web design class is for the student to convey information in an aesthetically pleasing yet useful way and that the website/technologies are working as intended.

In a course that deals with a subject (e.g, physics), the outcome is to convey how much the student knows, visualize the connections they have made between various topics, curate or create resources, and communicate to a lay audience.

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