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What resources do you want? Not sure? The links below  describe our current choices, or contact us for an appointment.

  • GET STARTED is a "quick start"  if you are a new UST online faculty.
  • HOW TO MAKE A GREAT ONLINE COURSE offers resources to build or revise your online course. (Includes Blackboard tools.)
  • ONLINE DELIVERY STRATEGIES has resources to facilitate your online course.
  • WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS to learn and discuss online learning.
  • CONTACT US for individual support and to ask questions.


Here's a link to the UST HOMEPAGE.

We put UST Student services and resources into the VIRTUAL STUDENT UNION so they are easy to locate. Click on these links for the ENGLISH or SPANISH version.

Use the CHAT WITH LENNY feature to answer some of your online questions.


TeachOnline was founded in 2020 in the Online Education Department so UST instructional designers could serve the  faculty.

We provide UST faculty with best practices, effective teaching strategies and comprehensive online teaching support, to align our online course offerings with the University's Catholic intellectual tradition and the dialogue between faith and reason.

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