2022 Teach Online Awards to Spur Transformation (T.O.A.S.T.)

Our 2022 TOAST Awardees

From left to right: Dr. John Simms, Dr. Brandon Green, Dr. Karen O'Brien, Brandon Carson, Dr. Crystal Tran, and Dr. Pritham Ram
From left to right: Dr. John Simms, Dr. Brandon Green, Dr. Karen O'Brien, Brandon Carson, Dr. Crystal Tran, and Dr. Pritham Ram

    2021 TOAST Awardees

    Dr. Catherine Barber, Tenured Professor in Education, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Analyst: School of Education

    Dr. Angelina Chambers, Professor and Associate Dean: Peavy School of Nursing Operations and Undergraduate Studies

    Dr. Habib Chamoun, Adjunct Instructor: Cameron School of Business

    Dr. Richa Chandra, Cullen Trust for Higher Education/Dolores Welder Mitchell Chair: School of Chemistry

    Dr. Nduta Ann Gichuri-Echessa, Assistant Professor and Director of Research in the School of Education and Human Services: School of Education

    Dr. Richard Sindelar, Assistant Professor, Director for the Center of International Studies: Center for International Studies

    Brandon J. Carson, Adjunct Instructor: Cyber Security, Kolbe School of Innovation

    Professor Carson brings his real-world expertise from his work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Software Security Division as he teaches Cyber Security at the Kolbe School of Innovation.

    We recognize Dr. Carson for aspects of his course that engage students: 

    • Uses Blackboard tools to provide well-organized, robust content.  
    • His course design demonstrates effective strategies for an enhanced learning experience in an asynchronous online course
    • Foremost among his strategies is his welcome page with a video that supports student retention by promoting professional warmth and student purpose.  
    • He includes careful instruction on his course pages, thereby facilitating effective online learning.  
    • Professor Carson prepares students to apply what they learn during and beyond his course. It is an honor to recognize his work to spur student transformation. 

    Dr. Brandon Green, Assistant Professor and Interim Director of EdD Program: School of Education and Human Services

    We recognize Dr. Green because of his work to make learning attainable for all students:

    • Dr. Green has designed successful online courses and helped others design theirs with the learning outcome of the students in mind.  
    • He always offers online student support, including the Virtual Student Union and the Lenny the Lion Chatbot.  
    • He is currently working to make a college education an attainable goal, making equity a reality, and truly transforming students through education and support. 
    • Dr. Green supports our mission of equitable education.    

    Dr. Karen O’Brien, Associate Professor : Nursing, Carol and Odis Peavey School of Nursing

    We are recognizing Dr. O’Brien for the meticulous care she gives each student through her online course design and delivery:

    • Her strategies to help students succeed are noteworthy with rigorous requirements, real-world applications
    • Through her approach to online learning, she takes care that no student is left behind while meeting the rigorous demands of the UST Nursing Program. It is an honor to recognize her work to spur student transformation.

    Dr. Pritham Ram, Adjunct Instructor: Waste Management in the Department of Chemistry

    We recognize Dr. Ram’s keen awareness of what students need in order to learn online:

    • His presence, anticipation of student needs, and his clear communication with his students in his online asynchronous course stand out. 

    Dr. John Simms, Associate Professor: Accounting, Cameron School of Business

    We recognize Dr. Simms for his use of strategies that are effective in creating learning experiences in online courses:

    • He gives students choices in activities so that their individual experience is more meaningful and therefore memorable.  
    • He assures that students interact with peers, professor, and content for a robust dialog such as deep dives into case studies. 
    • He makes the learning experience real-world with relevant discussion so that his students think critically while applying concepts.  

    Dr. Crystal Tran, Assistant Professor: Psychology, School of Arts & Sciences

    We recognize Dr. Tran for the learning community she builds with her students to help them learn online:

    • Her use of discussion boards generates robust dialog and interaction, with peers, professor, and content to enrich course content and increase critical thinking skills. 
    • Her use of Blackboard tools starts with an analysis of what students need to learn and how best they can learn it.